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video - What the Hex is Going on with Milliseconds?

I have the values 88 40 B0 00. They are is hex. I don't understand how, but they represent a number of nanoseconds. I need help with understand this document which outlines Matroska and WebM metadata encoding. I am relatively new to this, but I am using JavaScript to alter a file duration. What I am currently using works, but the goal is to know how to set a custom duration of the WebM video file. The document shows the following for the duration parameters:

  • Element Name
    • Duration
  • The level within an EBML tree
    • 2
  • Element ID displayed as octets
    • 0x4489
  • Mandatory
    • False
  • May occur multiple times
    • False
  • Contained in
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • Available to use in WebM
    • True
  • Description
    • Duration of the Segment in nanoseconds based on TimestampScale

I am using the default time stamp scale (1000000). My question is how to I get those hex values, and turn them into hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds. I simply am stumped :( 0x8840B000 doesn't help me.

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