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windows subsystem for linux - Bash keeps throwing "syntax error: unexpected end of file"

I have been trying to write a shell script to copy and rename files, and I am running Ubuntu 20.04 on Windows subsystem for Linux. I'm currently just at the "copy" part, and I have the following, with <path> standing in for my file path.

for file in "<sourcepath>"/*; do echo "$file" && cp "$file" "<destinationpath>"
cd "<destinationpath>"

The script appeared to execute correctly until I added the cd "<destinationpath>" line. Now the console says "syntax error: unexpected end of file". I don't have any newlines or anything I can think of that would be causing this.

The last two lines of hexdump -c: enter image description here

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I used dos2unix on the file, and I was able to run it without errors.

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