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azure active directory - Is it possible to use the application permission token to create a schema extension?

I was unable to create neither an open extension nor schema extension through another user in Graph API. (Same response whether I try to use Graph explorer or Postman.)

Not sure if it is possible to create a schema extension using application permission from another user.

Please refer to this.

I succeeded to create an event from another user using my delegated token, but failed to add a schema extension to the created event.

I guess all delegated and application permissions are allowed.

And regarding this document, what is the difference between get an access token and get an access token after admin consent.

I am currently trying to get application token after admin consent, but not sure if it would work.

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There is no such concept of "application permission from another user".

Application permission is just the application identity (without user authentication).

This document you mentioned is indeed using client credentials flow which uses application permission (application identity).

But it's not supported to create a schema extension with application permission. See Permissions of Create schemaExtension.

enter image description here

But, creating an open extension with application permission is supported.

See Permissions of Create open extension.

enter image description here

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