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vba - Excel function to create a complex data base look up

My data set has more than 10 columns and many rows and the second column text is the one I want the rest of the columns and a few rows must be linked to.

So basically the second columns can be considered as text and this text consist of a few components which is data in rows and columns that I want linked to the text.

So I want to type the text in a new sheet and be able to extract all of the data linked to the text in the new sheet under the same columns headers as it was in the data set.

Is this possible and what function or vba code would I need to use to achieve this. As I can’t find something similar anywhere.

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This link might be useful for you. Try to combine examples 9 and 10 for your needs:


Alternatively please provide more details or spreadsheet with dummy data. Will try to adjust the VLOOKUP formula for your needs.

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