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PostMan UI Shows a Variable with a Strikethrough Text After Test

I run a PostMan query and receive a Bearer Token. The test sets the global variable named BearerToken as such:

if (responseBody !== "undefined")
     tests["Bearer Token = " + responseBody] = true; 
     pm.globals.set("BearerToken", responseBody);  

When I view the values in the eye button it shows the Current Value text with a strikethrough:

enter image description here

Upon the next query which uses the BearerToken, it works.

What is the meaning of the Strikethrough?

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1 Answer

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A strikethrough on a variable would suggest that a variable of the same name is currently in a different scope (Collection, Global or Environment)

By using the {{..}} variable syntax in the request, you will be able to a list of the variables with the same name and which one the request is using.

enter image description here


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