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javascript - How to convert nested array pairs to objects in an array

I have been tasked to convert the following array to an array of object pairs:

var arr = [
    ['firstName', 'Joe'],
    ['lastName', 'Blow'],
    ['age', 42],
    ['role', 'clerk'],
      ['firstName', 'Mary'],
      ['lastName', 'Jenkins'],
      ['age', 36],
      ['role', 'manager']

I need to transform arr into an array of objects that looks like this:

 {firstName: 'Joe', lastName: 'Blow', age: 42, role: 'clerk'},
 {firstName: 'Mary', lastName: 'Jenkins', age: 36, role: 'manager'}
See Question&Answers more detail:os

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1 Answer

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Programmatic solution (available too at https://jsfiddle.net/edorka/jnLxyzhb/):

var arr = [[ ['firstName', 'Joe'], ['lastName', 'Blow'], ['age', 42], ['role', 'clerk']], [['firstName', 'Mary'], ['lastName', 'Jenkins'], ['age', 36], ['role', 'manager'] ]];

var empty = {};
var result = arr.map(function(objectArray){
    var object = this;
    var attribute = objectArray.map(function(attrArray){
        var name = attrArray[0], value = attrArray[1];
        object[name] = value;
        return object;
    }, object);
    return this;
}, empty);


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