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java - How can I get my threaded program to print specific output

I am having problem dealing with synchronization java threads, applying wait and notify..

I want to figure out how could I implement these in a program where I can print out the answer alternately.. for example person1 will count numbers 1-5 as well as person2, the output should be like this.

person1 count 1
person2 count 1
person1 count 2
person2 count 2
person1 count 3
person2 count 3
person1 count 4
person2 count 4
person1 count 5
person2 count 5

Thanks guys.

See Question&Answers more detail:os

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You could do this easily in two ways:

  1. Pass a 'print token' between the threads using two semaphores: thread 1 prints, signals semaphore A, waits on semaphore B then loops. Thread 2 waits on semaphore A, prints, signals semaphore B and loops.

  2. Write in-line, single-threaded code.

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