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azure sql database - R Session Aborted - Writing big dataframe to MS SQL Server using DBI::dbWriteTable

I would like to write my dataframe of 4 Mio. rows on MS SQL Server database. I am using the following function from DBI R Package -

dbWriteTable(dbHandle, "dbo.targetTable", finalOutputDataframe,
     append = FALSE, temporary = FALSE, row.names = FALSE, overwrite=TRUE )

When I use the above code to write up to 300,000 rows of the same dataframe, it works very well and my target table dbo.targetTableis created. But if I am writing all 4 Mio. rows at once then my R session is aborted. It does not throw any error that could allow me to debug the code. What am I doing wrong? Is there any limit to the number of rows that I could write at once? Thank you.

question from:https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65837987/r-session-aborted-writing-big-dataframe-to-ms-sql-server-using-dbidbwritetab

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