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templates - Angular routing and child routes

I am doing an angular project with angular-material and would like to organize my routing properly, here is the scenario: I have a landing page with five sections: mydomain/landing

  • child ONE route of the landing: landing/sectionONE
  • child TWO routes of the landing: landing/section two
  • child THREE routes of the landing: landing/section three.

(this is a page that appears on top of the current sectionX)

  • child SIGNUP route of the landing: landing/sectionX/signup
  • child LOGIN route of the landing: landing/sectionX/login.

And I have the actual app with child routes. I want to be able to completely separate the landing section from the actual content of my application. I do NOT JUST WANT TO HIDE some navigation. I want to replace the landing navigation routes when I log in with the application routes. For security reasons and they look completely different as well.

I am looking for a more efficient and effective way of structure my project so that is scalable as well. There might be more questions or discussion to follow. And the second part of the question is about the angular pre-existing template for a nice looking project for free, not just material and icons but something a bit more advanced. Thanks

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