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AnyLogic: Efficiently exporting data from experiment with replications

I am doing a parameter variation experiment with 1000 replications for each iteration. For each of these model runs, I want to store a copy of a dataset that is in Main. My current setup is that I am writing that dataset to an excelfile after each simulation run, using the After simulation run field in the experiment with the following code:

excelfile.writeDataSet(ds_export, 1, 2, 1 + i*2);

Where i is a counter for the current iteration.

However, I am running in some performance issues. I believe copies of ds_costAll are being stored in my system's memory, in anticipation of my experiment being completed, upon which it will be written to the excelfile. This means that my system's memory utilization is nearing 100% while the cpu is hardly even bothered. My system has 16gb of memory, and the maximum available memory of the experiment is also 16gb Is there a way to more efficiently export this data?

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How many cores are you using in runtime? Tools->Preferences->Runtime->Number of processes for parallel execution

Might be an option to reduce it a bit.