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vtk - Gradient of Unstructured grid filter in paraview

There used to be a quite useful filter in Paraview called GradinetOfUnstructuredGrid. We could efficiently and effectively calculate the divergence, curl and vorticity of vector field quite easily. For some reasons, they removed this feature in the latest version.

Is there any other way to do the same in ParaView now? Or is there any way to re-install the much better older version?

Edit : The filter called GradientOfUnstructuredDataset is not similar. For instance, it will not give us Gradient, Curl and Vorticity.

When we apply this filter we get a set of arrays confusingly named from 0- 9, for my uses and purposes this filter is totally useless.

I'm using V 5.8.0

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It is still here and called GradientOfUnstructuredDataSet.

Tested in the 5.9.0 RC3 downloaded from the website (where you can also download previous versions)

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