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soap - PHP Add root and intermediate ca to RobRichards wse-php / xmlseclibs

I'm connecting to a server using use-php & xmlseclibs. This worked fine, but now the server I'm connecting to changed their certificate and I need to add root/intermediate CA (4 .cert files) for PHP to trust their certificate.

Is there any way to do that in PHP, preferably in code, not on the server?

Right now I use

$str_cert                           = (file_get_contents($cert));
$objKey->passphrase                 = $passw;
$objKey->loadKey(file_get_contents($key), false);
$options                            = array("insertBefore" => false);
$objWSSE->signSoapDoc($objKey, $options, $str_cert, $doc);
$token                              = $objWSSE->addBinaryToken($str_cert);

Thanks a lot for any help.

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