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spring - How to pass pageable for native query?

I was doing a project and there i had a requirement of using pageable object and recieved page object from JPA.

Does anyone have any idea on how to use this?

public interface CustomerRepository extends JpaRepository<Customer,Long>{

    @Query("SELECT * FROM WHERE name=?1 AND surname=?2 ", nativeQuery = true)
    List<Customer> findAllByNameAndSurname(String name,String surname);

I want a page List for result fetch from this query.

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Spring Data JPA and native queries with pagination is not supported in Spring. According to documentation , Spring Data JPA repositories can be used with native queries and pagination. But, in real life Spring Data JPA (1.10.2.RELEASE) requires some additional fix.

You have to use this if you want pagination support.

List<Customer> customers = customerRepository.findAllByNameAndSurname(name,username);
PagedListHolder<Customer> pages = new PagedListHolder(customers);
pages.setPage(currentPageNumber); //set current page number
pages.setPageSize(pageSize); // set the size of page

pages.getPageList(); // return the list of items(or in your case List<Customer> ) of current page 

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