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bluetooth lowenergy - BlueNRG wrong header

I bought STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 of ST and wanted to write my own library to create a BLE application.

The BLE module on board is SPBTLE-1S which mounts BlueNRG-1, I wrote my own firmware in order to communicate using SPI protocol.

After resetting the module using the pin I send a read request from MCU to the BLE module,


I send:


I get:


So apparently nothing good because the first byte is 0xff and not 0x02 (right?), but the 4th bit(0x06) should indicate the amount of data inside the read buffer.

If I read 6 bytes I get


And according to AN4494 It is exactly what I should read after the reset event on the module.

Then my question is why I keep getting {0xff,0x08,0x00,0x06,0x00} and not something like {0x02,....}?

Is there anything related to BlueNRG1 that is different from BlueNRG2? (It is so hard to find good documentation)

If anyone has some experience on SPI communication with this module I would like to have a bit of consulting.

Thanks in advance

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