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javascript - Vue Firebase: get query range from specific record to the last record

I need to get all the records from a specific record to the last record in my database.

    ref.orderByChild("date").equalTo("19/11/2020 @ 19:50:29").on("child_added", (snapshot) => {

This query gives me the specified record but i need all the records from this one to the last one.

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1 Answer

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What you're looking for is called startAt, which starts at a given node and then returns all nodes until the end (or until the endAt condition you added).

So something like:

ref.orderByChild("date").startAt("19/11/2020 @ 19:50:29")

Note that your date format is not great for this type of sorting. You might want to consider a date format where the lexicographical order is chronological too, such as "2020-11-19T19:50:29".

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