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java - How to draw part of ring (arc) using canvas in android?

I am trying to find a way to make arc of the ring. There are the same question, but it was about full ring:

How to draw a ring using canvas in android?

But what do you think how can we make it more abstract?

Now I have something for r1 as outside radius and r2 as inside radius; x and y as the center of the arc; start and end angles as is.

int r1=100;
int r2=80;
int x=200;
int y=200;
int start=0;
int end=90;
canvas.drawArc(new RectF(x-r1, y-r1, x+r1, y+r1), start, end, true, paint);

It makes figure with extra lines from the center, and I don't know how to remove it. I provided the result with indifferent background just to make you see the bounds of canvas and transparency inside the figure.

enter image description here

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