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Huge increase in AdMob's "Invalid Traffic" - Action required?

For some time, my AdMob earning reports have occassionally had an entry in Transactions that said: "Invalid Traffic - AdMob Applications - AdWords Ads". Until recently, when this entry appeared it had very low values, like 4-6 cents. However in the latest months it has gone up to: -3,45€ (for total earnings of 16€) in November, and last December to -15.05€ (for total earnings of 21.37€).

I've researched invalid traffic and everything seems to be in place: I'm using test ads in my apps, the ads are correctly placed as always have been, and I never click on my own ads. From the information I've gathered, Google has changed recently its algorithm to detect invalid traffic, but, how is it possible such a whopping difference?

I'd like to understand what's happening, but my immediate concern is the safety of my user account. Despite the horrible last month's report (according to these calculations, more than 70% of my traffic is all of a sudden invalid!), I have not received one of those ominous policy violation messages, "We'll close your account and send a drone to kill you", lol, but in good logic (although who knows if good logic applies in this case), it could come any day now.

Google's "black box" policy does not help things, as they only give you the invalid traffic rates at the end of the month, and with no data to help you correct the situation. Is there a way I can track the invalid traffic and shut it down?

I guess my question spans through several areas because this is all very confusing and hush hush, so to summarize, what's the most urgent thing to do when having such a growing trend of invalid traffic? Should I worry or not? Thank you for any information.

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