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html - Are not all Emmet actions available in WebStorm?

I have Emmet enabled for WebStorm but it seems as though some of the abbreviations aren't working.

For example: typing div and then Enter (I have the abbreviation key set to Enter) will open a <div> tag as expected. However, actions like these are not working:

! should open up the html boilerplate. Instead, it doesn't do anything.

form:get should open up <form action="" method="get"></form> Instead, it opens up <form:get></form:get>.

I even tested on other JetBrains products like IntelliJ and Android Studio using the same settings and they both work as expected.

Any ideas?


Emmet HTML settings:
Emmet HTML settings

Emmet abbreviation:
Emmet abbreviation

Zen HTML settings:
Zen HTML settings

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I tracked down my problem. I had imported settings for some React snippets (https://github.com/ifahrentholz/webstorm-snippets) that must have overridden some of the Emmet Abbreviations.

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