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git clone with ssh issue

I have generated a public key, private key pair. I've set the public key to the site.

How to use the console in windows to clone a git repository? What do I do with the private key?

I keep getting: the remote end hung up unexp.


See Question&Answers more detail:os

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The private key need to be stored:

  • in %HOME% directory (ig %HOME% is not set, set it to %HOMEPATH% (for Vista or Seven)
  • under .ssh/id_rsa.pub, juste beside your private key id_rsa
    %HOME%.sshid_rsa      # your private key
    %HOME%.sshid_rsa.pub  # your public key


Both links are for GitHub, which may not be your exact situation, but they still contain valid informations.
Plus, for certain host providers like GitHub, additional informations need to be set.

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