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jsf - PrimeFaces Tree component, setting selected node from managed bean

I'm running Primefaces 3.2 and JSF 2.0 on Glassfish 3.

I've tried a lot, to programatically set the selected node from a managed bean. That includes setting the selected node like this:

public void setSelectedTreeNode(String name) {
TreeNode root = treeBean.getRoot();
List<TreeNode> tree = root.getChildren();
for(TreeNode node:tree) {
  if(node.getData().toString().contains(name)) {
    System.out.println("found the node to select");
RequestContext context = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance(); 

The "found the node to select" gets printed in the terminal, but the node is not selected in the Tree in the web page..

The tree is like this:

<h:form id="navForm">
<p:tree id="treeSingle" value="#{treeBean.root}" var="node"  
       selectionMode="single" styleClass="treeStyle" 
   <p:ajax event="select" listener="#{treeBean.onNodeSelect}" update=":mainForm" />
       <h:outputText value="#{node}" escape="false" />  

Edit: TreeBean is built like this:

public class TreeBean implements Serializable {  

private TreeNode root;  

private TreeNode selectedNode;  

public TreeBean() {  
    root = new DefaultTreeNode("Root", null);  
    TreeNode node0 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 0", root);  
    TreeNode node1 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 1", root);  
    TreeNode node2 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 2", root);  

    TreeNode node00 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 0.0", node0);  
    TreeNode node01 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 0.1", node0);  

    TreeNode node10 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 1.0", node1);  
    TreeNode node11 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 1.1", node1);  

    TreeNode node000 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 0.0.0", node00);  
    TreeNode node001 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 0.0.1", node00);  
    TreeNode node010 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 0.1.0", node01);  

    TreeNode node100 = new DefaultTreeNode("Node 1.0.0", node10);  

public TreeNode getRoot() {  
    return root;  

public TreeNode getSelectedNode() {  
    return selectedNode;  

public void setSelectedNode(TreeNode selectedNode) {  
    this.selectedNode = selectedNode;  

Does anyone have any idea on how to do this?

See Question&Answers more detail:os

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1 Answer

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I solved it using:


I discovered that selecting the node is not enough for the "tree component" to expand from root node to selected node.

For this, I used the following approach. On the view :

 <p:ajax event="expand" listener="#{tree.onExpand}"/>

on the java code:

public void onExpand(NodeExpandEvent event) {

private void expand(TreeNode treeNode){
    if (treeNode.getParent()!=null){

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