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security - When a page delivers secure and non-secure items over https, are the secure items compromised?

I'm not 100% sure that I'm using the correct terminology or if I'm leaving out information that is required to answer. So please be patient with me.

My client wants to include a video feed from an outside source inside a members area of their website. The members area is delivered over https and the video feed is not. Does this compromise the secure data?

I know that some browsers alert the user that there are secure and non-secure data being loaded on the page. Frankly, my client is okay with that, but I don't want to move forward if the user account information (specifically, session, etc.) is compromised.

Thanks for any help.

See Question&Answers more detail:os

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If your pages references unencrypted Javascript or Flash, you're totally unprotected; an attacker can substitute any Javascript he wants, and can steal non-HTTP-only cookies, or make arbitrary HTTP requests that impersonate the current user.

If you reference unencrypted CSS, you're still vulnerable; attackers can arbitrarily modify your layout, and can execute arbitrary code in IE and Firefox.

If you reference unencrypted images, you're mostly fine; all the attacker can do is see the Referer header and find out what page the user is seeing. (He'll also get any non-SSL-only cookies for the image's domain). The attacker can also alter the images to suit his needs, which may be a concern.

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